10 Things to know about cosmetic injections, including botulinum toxin and dermal fillers!

1. Botulinum toxin (the main ingredient in BOTOX & other muscle relaxers) is produced by a naturally occurring bacteria. The neurotoxin was first discovered in the 1820s by Dr. Justinus Kerner when he was studying improperly prepared blood sausages in Germany! (I guess you never know what you might discover in the lab!). Kerner also theorized that the toxin may be a viable treatment for nerve disorders & excessive sweating

2. In the 1950s, botulinum toxin was purified into crystalline form and used to treat strabismus (cross eyes)

3. Wrinkles form because of repeated muscle activity in a certain area (lots of squinting => crow’s feet, lots of frowning or glaring => “11s”). Botulinum toxin works by relaxing the muscle so that it does not contract much or at all, which in turn makes the wrinkles become less severe or disappear.

4. Most dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body -- in the skin, around the eyes and in some cartilage & joint fluids. Babies have high levels of hyaluronic acid in their skin, but this level decreases with age, most noticeably after age 40.

5. Hyaluronic acid is what keeps skin plump & smooth as well as providing cushion (which is why in addition to cosmetic purposes, it is sometimes injected into joints to help with arthritis & sports injuries!). It works by binding to & absorbing water like a sponge, creating volume & providing hydration.

6. Cosmetic injection procedures are pretty quick, taking only about 5-10 minutes per area (check out our Videos section to see sample procedures!)

7. Muscle Relaxers & Soft Tissue Fillers usually are injected with a 30 gage needle. This needle is about the size of a hair, and causes minimal pain.

8. Some people do bruise after the injection. At our office, we use CytoActive, a hyaluronic acid gel that helps to greatly reduce the risk of bruising.

9. There is virtually no downtime to cosmetic injections. You may resume regular activities soon after the procedure.

10. The results from cosmetic injections are temporary, so touch-ups are necessary. BOTOX typically lasts longer the more often that you use it. Currently, Juvederm Voluma is the longest-lasting dermal filler, proven to last up to 2 years!


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