Another recent key advance in dermatology is the potential for an easier, yet effective psoriasis treatment. Psoriasis is a chronic disease that occurs when a person’s immune system causes the body to produce skin cells too quickly creating plaques of thick skin. Currently, treatments for moderate to severe psoriasis often involve daily (or twice-daily) oral medications or biologics that may need to be injected daily, every other week, or once a month (depending on the medication). A new medical device may be able to control psoriasis with minimal effort.

This future, potential treatment involves implanting small engineered autologous (= “cells or tissues obtained from the same individual”) cells into the skin. These cells would then take control of the therapy without the patient needing to take pills or injections.

Currently, this treatment has been used effectively in mice, but human studies are forthcoming. Best case scenario, according to the researchers, this technology could be made commercially available to psoriasis patients within 10 years.



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