Maybe a cream or serum is just not for you. Perhaps it is not making a big enough difference for you, or your skin is too sensitive. Maybe the product is doing great with skin texture, but not tackling the wrinkles. Whatever the reason, you may now be considering a cosmetic procedure to help with your anti-aging skin goals. For the next 3 posts, we will discuss a few options for you – cosmetic injections & lasers. There are two main types of cosmetic injectables- wrinkle relaxers and fillers. In this post, we will focus on the wrinkle relaxers.

What is a “Wrinkle Relaxer”?

A wrinkle relaxer (also called a “neuromodulator”) is an injectable that smoothes the wrinkle by keeping the muscle from contracting. For example, crow’s feet are a common by-product of squinting frequently. A wrinkle relaxer would keep the muscle from fully contracting and creating that wrinkle. Does that mean you can no longer squint? No. If over-done, then possibly, but if the procedure is done by a board-certified physician, such as Dr. Roland Beverly, then your face will still make normal expressions but will lessen the appearance of the wrinkle.

Why haven’t I heard of these?

You have! If you’ve heard of BOTOX (and I’m sure you have), then you know exactly what we’re talking about here. We use the “wrinkle relaxers” because BOTOX is not the only option anymore. In our office, we also offer Xeomin and Dysport which work in the same way. 

What types of wrinkles are they good for?

BOTOX & other wrinkle relaxers can be used to treat a variety of wrinkles from the 11s (the lines that appear between your eyebrows), forehead lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines (lines that appear by the nose), turned down mouth, gummy smile and a pebbly chin.

How long does it last?

Wrinkle relaxers usually last about 3 months. If you use these injectables frequently, the result may last longer, even up to 6 months (as the targeted muscle(s) get weaker).

Will my face look frozen?

This is a common misconception. Can that happen? Yes, but generally this happens to people who get the procedure done by unlicensed, untrained practitioners (or even friends, which exposes you to many other safety risks too). A trained professional, such as our own Dr. Roland Beverly, a board certified dermatologist, knows exactly where to inject the BOTOX, and how much. As Dr. Beverly often says, “the goal of cosmetic treatment is not to erase every single wrinkle or line, but to make the outside reflect how we feel inside.” Here at Beverly Dermatology, we are not going to completely relax every muscle in your face for full smoothness because that looks frozen and unnatural. We want to gently relax and ease those muscles so that you look rested & young for your age, but not fake.

What is a procedure like?

We have a few videos of procedures up on the Videos section on our website. 


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