Wrinkles and fine lines are likely the most well known part of skin aging. Skin tone and texture changes may come as a surprise many people, but even young people know that wrinkles and fine lines are coming.



At-home treatments for wrinkles and fine lines are usually not as effective as in-office treatments, especially with deep wrinkles, but may help supplement other treatments and improve overall skin appearance.

Many products tackle wrinkles and fine lines through moisturizers. Hydrating the skin can often make fine lines and mild wrinkles look better by using moisture to “fill in” areas of fat/volume loss in the skin as well as plumping up the skin cells with water. Others may contain peptides and other ingredients that may actually firm skin with continued use, either daily or twice daily applications, but results are usually also rather mild.

KEY INGREDIENTS: hyaluronic acid, peptides 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: Nectifirm by Revision Skin Care, Bella Derma Triple Antioxidant Serum



The main in-office treatments for wrinkles and fine lines are cosmetic injections, including wrinkle relaxers (also called “neurotoxins”) and soft tissue fillers.

Wrinkle Relaxers: Wrinkle relaxers work by preventing motion of the muscles causing the wrinkle. While they last “3-4 months,” with continued use the targeted muscle typically becomes weaker and one treatment could last 6 months or longer.  A common fear is that neurotoxins will cause a frozen-like look, but that is untrue! If done properly, post-procedure people look completely natural and can still make all facial expressions. Usually, patients just remark that others think they look “more relaxed as if I’d just been on vacation,” but definitely not like they’ve have any procedure done.At Beverly Dermatology, the wrinkle relaxers we use are BOTOX, Xeomin and Dysport. All three options are essentially the same, but some people may respond better to one type or the other.

Soft Tissue Fillers: Soft tissue or “dermal” fillers work by injecting an active ingredient, such as hyaluronic, directly into the wrinkle or fine line for an instant plumping effect. Hyaluronic acid is present in many anti-aging skin care products, but it can only penetrate but so deeply when applied topically. Topically, this ingredient improves the texture and look of skin on a more superficial level. As an injection, however, it is able to penetrate much more deeply for a natural-looking but noticeably younger look. Lasting 6 months to a year, hyaluronic acid injections also provide more lasting effects than a topical product. At Beverly Dermatology, we offer Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane and Perlane.



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