Exfoliating your skin is a key way to have skin that glows! The outer layer of your skin is actually accumulated dead skin! These dead cells sheds off throughout the day as newer cells push the older cells outwards. Skin can look dull & lifeless because this visible layer of cells likely died days ago and cell turnover slows down with age.

To reveal more radiant skin, you can use a cleanser that includes an exfoliating ingredient that is gentle enough to use daily, such as glycolic or salicylic acid. These acids cleanse cells of oils, dirt & bacteria so that your other serums, creams & moisturizers can penetrate your skin better (allowing them to work more effectively & improving the results). They will also remove some of the dead skins as well.

Using a more intensive exfoliator weekly or monthly may help to remove more layers of dead skin cells as well as any product that may have accumulated on the skin & reduced the effectiveness of your serums. Facials or chemical peels provide an even deeper exfoliation of the skin.

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Even in small ways, a little facial massage can help improve circulation to your skin, and improved circulation leads to an improved glow. Try applying your cleanser or your lotion using gentle, small circles as a sort of mini-massage. If you have gotten a massage, you may have noticed that the esthetician doesn’t just quickly, randomly rub on the products like we tend to do at home; he or she uses gentle massaging motions. This is not only because it is super relaxing (people fall asleep during facials all the time), but because it can improve the glow & color of your skin by promoting circulation through your skin cells.  Do you use a facial cleansing brush like a Clairsonic? Well, the brush is doing the massaging for you!

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