What you eat can affect your skin, helping it glow or accelerating aging. The vitamins and antioxidants available in fresh fruits & vegetables is not likely to have the same dramatic effect or protective quality of your products because in skincare products, the ingredient has been singled out and then applied directly to the skin in a higher concentration that you are likely to ever possibly eat. Foods can, however, still positively help your skin to glow. Always eat a variety of different fruits, vegetables, nuts & grains to get max nutrients, but try to include the below options for radiant skin:


Beta Carotene

Foods that are high in beta carotene, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe and pumpkin, can have a relatively noticeable effect on skin. Have you heard that if you eat too many carrots, your skin can turn orange? There is truth to that! Most people don’t eat that many, but incorporating more of these types of foods CAN bring a touch of color to your skin, giving it a visible healthy glow.


Vitamin C

Oranges, bell peppers, papaya and other Vitamin C-rich fruits & veggies can have a similar effect to beta carotene on skin, giving it a touch of color. Vitamin C is also important to collagen production, and collagen is what keeps your skin smooth, supported & looking young!

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