“Body Contouring” is a new trendy term for using cosmetic procedures to permanently eliminate fat and/or add definition to specific areas of the body. This ranges from traditional surgical procedures like liposuction to newer, non-invasive body contouring options such as the Vanquish treatment or Kybella. With all of these options, there can be confusion about what can and cannot be done with each procedure. In this blog post, we will focus on the facts & fiction about non-invasive body contouring in particular.


What it Cannot Do

Non-Invasive Body Contouring is designed to provide results in with little to no downtime and without the pain and surgical risks associated with traditional procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks. As such, however, it cannot reproduce those same radically different and incredibly dramatic before & after changes with significant weight loss.


What it Can Do

This type of body contouring is designed for people with smaller pockets of fat on specific areas such as the abdomen, lower back, thighs or double chin that are often highly resistant in spite of an improved diet or additional exercise. Vanquish, Kybella, and other such procedure usually require several treatments to achieve the best results.


We have seen rather amazing before & after results on our patients and these patients have loved how their jeans, pants, and skirts fit better after Vanquish. There is also some skin tightening benefits with this treatment. 


The non-invasive nature of this treatment means that patients experience minimal pain (if any) and can resume normal activities immediately or very soon after the procedure. With traditional body contouring options, there is typically significant downtime post-procedure.


What to keep in mind when considering non-invasive body contouring


What are your goals?

If you are hoping to lose 50 lbs of body fat, it would take quite a few Vanquish treatments to eliminate a high amount of fat. However, if you are fairly active or your weight/activity has been relatively steady and there are just a few problem fat areas, Vanquish may be perfect for you. We believe this treatment is wonderful for the majority of patients, but it is important to know what your ultimate goal and expectations are for the treatment.


As for Kybella, if you have a bothersome pocket of fat below your chin area (double chin) that you want to eliminate for better definition of your chin and jawline, then you may be a great candidate for Kybella. However, if you are hoping to fix the double chin and droopiness/jowls, you may need to add a Voluma treatment or other filler to complete your contouring goals.


What is your lifestyle?

Many patients choose Vanquish because they cannot take several days or weeks off to recover from major surgery. Vanquish treatments last less than an hour (45 minutes for abdominal or lower back area, 30 minutes per side for the thighs) and you can immediately resume everyday activities including exercise (even high intensity) afterwards.


In both cases (surgical or non-invasive), the targeted fat cells are permanently destroyed, but you should still try to live a healthy lifestyle so that fat does not begin to accumulate in a different area.


More Information:

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Kybella http://beverlyskin.com/services/kybella

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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