We cannot turn back the clock no matter how much we wish that we could. Everything ages, including our skin. When a products claims to reverse signs of aging, what it actually means is that it is helping skin to look better and supporting the skin’s health and function. No product will truly reverse signs of aging or correct skin damage caused over a lifetime. That does not, however, mean that anti-aging products are not helpful for younger looking skin! These products usually do a combination of these tasks:


Moisturize Skin

Not only does dry skin look older by exacerbating the appearance of fine lines and rough skin texture, but it also negatively affects the skin’s ability to protect itself from external irritants and pollutants, including UV rays!  Most anti-aging skincare products contain a combination of powerful moisturizers to support healthy skin function, improve skin texture and add “plumpness” (makes skin appear fuller & more youthful).


Stimulate Collagen

Some products and dermal fillers will stimulate the body’s own cells to produce more collagen. Collagen is one of the proteins that give skin its strength and texture. Levels of this protein decrease with age, sun exposure and other factors. Certain key ingredients, peptides in particular, help support existing collagen and may increase the production of more, which will help improve the look & feel of aging skin.


Exfoliate & Increase Cell Turnover

The rate of skin cell turnover slows down with time, leaving more damaged, dull, dead cells in the upper layers of skin. Some ingredients, such as glycolic acid and retinol, target this issue by exfoliating the dead skin cells away, which forces the body to create new cells. Skin will start to look younger and fresher because these new cells will not have experiences the same levels of damage from UV exposure, injury and pollution.


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