Fall is a great time to work on skin tone problems, especially if they have been exacerbated during the summer. Sun damage is a main cause of uneven skin tone, including brown spots, and may make skin pigment conditions such as melasma worse. Below are some ways to improve your skin tone:

Skin Tone Products

There are also a variety of products that help improve skin tone, such as Renova and Vivatia. Renova is the strongest, containing tretinoin (prescription-strength retinoid). Bella Derma EvenTone pads contain prescription-strength hydroquinone in varying amounts, according to your skin’s needs. Vivatia is a 3-part system with hydroquinone and retinol. All of these products target skin discoloration and dark spots. As they are all also prescription-only, please speak with Dr. Beverly or Alisa about which of these products would be best you’re your individual skin to reduce the risk of irritation or other concerns.

Chemical & Enzyme Peels

Peels are great for all types of skin pigmentation concerns including acne spots, age spots and melasma. From the gentle Enzyme Peel to the more intense Glycolic peel option, peels work by lifting off the upper layers of dead skin cells that are damaged, making skin look dull and uneven. When the outer layers are revealed, the fresher clearer skin beneath is revealed. These newly-exposed skin cells haven’t sustained sun and environmental damage yet, so skin appears younger and refreshed. Remember to protect this newer skin from damage by being Sun Safe and taking good care of your skin (cleansing, moisturizing, etc). Find out about the peels we offer at Beverly Dermatology.  


Similar to peels, Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin by using tiny, rough particles to remove the outer layers of dead skin. Unlike peels, the rough grains result in a deeper exfoliation and the process promotes more new skin growth.  Microdermabrasion may be done alone or as part of a peel for better results. Both peels and microdermabrasions are best done in a series for the optimal results. A side bonus of these two options is that your anti-aging serums and acne medications are better able to penetrate the skin (as they now bypass that thick dead skin cell layer), making them work better too! Click here for more information on microdermabrasion & our other spa services.  

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

IPL is a non-invasive laser therapy that eliminates discoloration in the skin, including redness and dark spots. The laser uses a range of wavelengths to target the area(s) of concern. This treatment is mostly painless, causing only mild discomfort, and has only mild side effects lasting 1-2 days. Find out more about the IPL offered at Beverly Dermatology.


2 Quick Skin Tone Tips:

1) Sun Safe practices are needed with ALL treatments. Sun exposure & sun damage will counteract even your best efforts as many skin lightening products make skin more sensitive to the sun.

2) Start early! Most of these options require some time to work and some may cause minor peeling, redness or swelling, so it is recommended to get them early so that your skin has time to heal and show the best results.

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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