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Here in SoCal, we can be seen in our flip-flops at pretty much any time of year, but this is especially true in the summer months. Some people’s feet are smooth & glorious, but for the rest of us a bit of upkeep is needed to keep our tootsies looking good in our sandals. What can we do?!


*Take some “Me Time” & Soak. Soaking your feet in a bit of warm water (with essential oils if you'd like) can help soften up the calluses and skin build-up on your feet. Not only does this feel nice, but it will also make it easier to pumice or exfoliate away the dead skin. No time? The rest of the steps can be done after a shower as well; skin should still have had the chance to soften up.


*Use Stronger Exfoliants. The skin on our feet is thick and dry (more on that below), making it prone to calluses and skin cell buildup. For smooth feet, a chemical exfoliant may not be enough (unless you try options specifically made for the feet like BabyFoot which is essentially a chemical peel for feet) so try using a pumice stone or a product like the Ped Egg to get those rough patches smooth. Don’t overdo it all in one sitting because that can irritate skin, but two or three times a week will help improve the feel of your feet & keep them smooth.


*Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! I feel like this is the answer for a great many skin issues, but especially with feet. After bathing, we may remember to put lotion on the rest of our bodies, but feet are often overlooked or we put regular lotion on them that seems to do no good. Try a product designed specifically for feet. Why? The skin on our feet tends to be thicker (the palms of the hands and soles of the feet have the thickest skin on the body at about 1.5 mm thick) and drier (there are no oil glands on the soles of the feet. Sweat glands, yes, but not oil like most other areas of skin) so it needs more moisture and it needs a pretty hardy cream to really penetrate. For tough feet, try applying the cream before bed & putting on socks as a sort of deep conditioning.

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