This is the season when people start transitioning their workouts from the indoor gym to the great outdoors. Who doesn’t love a nice morning run (or walk) by the beach in the summer? For the most part, outdoor workouts have the same skin care recommendations as indoor workouts, but here are two that become particularly important in the warmer months:


Wear Water-resistant Sunscreen

You know this, but it’s worth reiterating that you should look for a water-resistant sunscreen. You may also wish to look for a “sport” version which may include ingredients specifically designed to resist sweat vs. just water. Also, whereas for normal daily activities we recommend a moisturizer AND a sunscreen (or a moisturizing sunscreen), this is less important for outdoor workouts because you’re about to get your sweat on and the additional moisturizer can clog up skin.


Be Squeaky Clean

For your skin: be sure to cleanse skin as soon as you can after exercising. If you plan to eat brunch or do a few errands before going home, it may be a good idea to have facial cleansing wipes (such as our Bella Derma GlySal pads) in your car or pack that you can quickly wipe over your face to tide you over until you can fully cleanse your face.  Worst-case, at least rinse your skin off with some water to clear out at least some of that sweat

For your equipment: Sweaty equipment rubbing against your skin (especially helmets or skin-tight clothing) can lead to rashes and acne breakouts. Try & keep any equipment or clothing that stays in close contact with your skin during your workout clean. Sweat + oil + friction = skin problems.

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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