Hand & nail care is not difficult, and you are pretty much doing most of this already (I hope), but just to emphasize the key points...


For your hands…

If you have a job or a hobby that gets your hands very dirty or greasy, consider getting a hand soap with pumice or exfoliants. These will get a deeper clean so you don’t have any residual dirt or grease left over after washing your hands.

Dry your hands completely after you wash them.

Moisturize after washing your hands. If you tend to have dry hands, you may want to go with a thicker cream.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! If you have an outdoor job or plan to be outside for a while, apply sunscreen to the back of your hands. This area is often forgotten, leading to age spots & wrinkly skin.


For your nails…

Only use a nail clipper to clip your nails! Nail clippers are typically inexpensive, and are designed to match the natural curve of nails, reducing the likelihood of hangnails and ingrown nails.

Keep your hands moisturized to help prevent getting hangnails.

If you do get a hangnail, do not pull at it! Not only can that make the area hurt and possibly bleed, but pulling them off can lead to infection. Use the nail clipper to safely cut them off.

Do you have brittle nails? While more common in women than in men, guys can have brittle nails too. You can try rubbing in hand cream and/or Vaseline. We also offer a product called DermaNail that has been proven to help nails get stronger.

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