Are there any skin care products that your child should bring with them to school?

Let’s face it – kids are just not as interested in their skin care as adults are in ours. It is very important to start establishing good skin care practices for them that will keep them healthy all their lives. But we’ll be real. What do we recommend for kids to have?

*Hand lotion. Try to get your kids into the habit of applying a hand cream after washing their hands. Why? First, dry skin tends to become itchy, which can then lead to scratching, which then can cause rashes & all sorts of icky things. Second, hand creams can help provide an extra barrier against common irritants.

*Anti-bacterial gel. It is always better to wash your hands with soap & water to cleanse them from bacteria & other such things, but as we are being realistic, unless a teacher makes them or this habit is very well ingrained, it may be very unlikely that he or she will go wash their hands before digging into their lunch. That’s where anti-bacterial gel can come in handy to help kill off some germs & bacteria that kids inevitably collect. For some reason, in my experience, kids also tend to like putting on this gel. 


PLEASE NOTE: Schools often have rules on what products children may bring with them to school because certain ingredients can be major allergans for other kids. Always check with your school about any prohibited ingredients or items first.

How about...

Sunscreen? School policy often comes into play with sunscreen. Some schools state that sunscreen must be applied prior to arriving at school and do not allow sunscreen on-campus due to allergy fears or other concerns. Check with your child’s school to find out about this.

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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