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Ingrown hairs are not only a summer problem, but they become especially troublesome during swimsuit season.

What is an ingrown hair? Just like the name suggests, it is a hair that grows back into the skin causing inflammation, bumps and pain as well as potentially opening the door to infection. They typically result from hair being tweezed, shaved or waxed. Men typically get them in the beard area or the neck, whereas women typically get them in the legs, armpits or bikini area (oh, the joys of swimsuit season).

What are some ways to prevent ingrown hairs? There are 2 main ways to prevent ingrown hairs:

*Soften skin & hair. Moist skin & shaving cream can soften the skin & hair and make it easier to shave and less likely to become ingrown hairs (this is why it is recommended that peoples shave at the end of their showers/baths). If you are waxing or tweezing the hair, use a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated. This decreases the risk that the hair will break off (potentially becoming ingrown) instead of being fully pulled out.

*Exfoliate the skin. Gentle exfoliation can help keep the skin clear, reducing the risk of an ingrown hair, while also working to free a trapped hair. A physical exfoliant may be used to free an already ingrown hair, just be gentle to reduce risk of further irritation.


For More Information:

Mayo Clinic: Ingrown Hairs

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