Are you looking to rejuvenate your eye area? Below are a few key tips & suggestions for showing this much-used area some TLC!

*Protect your eyes. Many cosmetics company have products with SPF designed specifically for the sensitive skin of the eye area, and we recommend that you use them if you can (regular sunscreen should not get too close to your eyes to avoid irritation). On top of that (or if you don’t have any), remember to wear sunglasses with large lenses to cover as much of the eye area as possible, and a hat as well to protect from overhead sunlight. This can help ward off the formation of wrinkles (incl. crow’s feet) and discoloration.

*Get your zzz’s. Sleep is good for your overall health, but the dark circles are often the result of (or made worse by) a lack of sleep. Sleeping with your head elevated may also reduce dark circles & puffiness.

*DIY compresses really can help.  There really is something to that cucumber-on-the-eyes idea. The antioxidants and caffeine found in cucumbers & tea (the two most common DIY ingredients) may help reduce irritation, but probably the biggest factor is the cooling factor. Much like applying a cold pack to other parts of your body, cool cucumber may help reduce swelling.

*Use an eye serum or cream. Eye products are specifically formulated to target the common concerns of the eye area (darkness, puffiness & fine lines) while being gentle enough for this very delicate area of skin. We recommend Bella Derma RetinEyes (

*Inject the fine lines away. Another option that takes effect quickly (for those events coming up soon!) is BOTOX. BOTOX is commonly used for the crow’s feet, the 11’s (lines between your eyes), and bunny lines (lines near the nose) and can make your eye area look younger quickly and with virtually no downtime. It will also last all season long! (For More Information on BOTOX:

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