Our Product of the Month this October is the Bella Derma 10% Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser.

This lavender-scented moisturizing cleanser features a rich, soap-free formulation utilizing the power of 10% glycolic acid to gently exfoliate, cleanse and smooth the skin. This gentle formula contains a rich blend of antioxidants including Liposomal Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract in combination with Co-Q10 to assist in minimizing free-radical-induced skin damage while aiding in the restoration of healthy looking skin.

Great for all skin types, especially aging skin.


Product Highlights:

*Glycolic acid to exfoliate skin

*Antioxidants to reduce free radical damage

*Soap-free formulation is gentle on skin and maintains moisture in the skin



Perfect for Fall! This cleanser is great in the fall & winter because it moisturizes the skin while it cleanses - combating seasonal dryness, exfoliating away the dead skin cells making skin look dull, and working to counteract the skin damage acquired during the sunnier months.

Now until October 31, the Bella Derma Moisturizing Cleanser is $5 off!

Sale price: $18 // Reg. price: $23


To purchase, you can order online here  or contact the front desk at (949) 831-3057.

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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Product of the Month: 


For more information or to purchase, please contact our front desk at 949-831-3057.