Are your hands betraying your age? One of the first places to show age is our hands, and yet they are often the last area we think of when we start our anti-aging regimens. As we get older, our faces are not the only places that lose volume & fullness. With that volume loss, wrinkles and fine lines begin to show and the veins & tendons in the hand become increasingly prominent. What can we do? Well, there is a filler for that: Radiesse®.

Radiesse® has been used as a facial volumizing filler for several years, but it recently received FDA approval for volume loss in the hands as well! A qualified, board certified physician such as Dr. Roland Beverly or Alisa Wang PA-C can safely inject Radiesse into specific areas of the hand to provide smooth, youthful, natural-looking results that may last up to one year. Furthermore, Dr. Beverly is a certified Radiesse for Hands injector!

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