Sports are year-round of course, but they are popular summer activities as well!

I’m going TO a game

The baseball is still going, pre-season football games start next month….plenty of opportunities to go see a game if you want to. When you’re at that game, remember your sunscreen and a hat (which doubles as team support) to protect your skin! Don’t forget to get the back of your neck & the backs of your hands, two often forgotten places that will burn if you’re at a game. If you’re enjoying a greasy food (it’s a sports game, so it’s kind of tradition), remember to try not to touch your face, which can lead to breakouts if the oil (that transferred from the food to your hands) gets into your pores.

I’m IN a game (or a competition)

Wear your water resistant sunscreen, of course. But here are a few more tips for you outdoorsy athletes:

*Ladies, we really do recommend taking your make-up off first. I know women who don’t like to go make-up free, even when exercising, but make-up can get into your pores and cause breakouts. If you really absolutely insist, make sure to use non-comedogenic make-up. Some people find that powder make-up clogs pores less, as well.

*Are you doing, such as running marathon, where you often get chaffing problems? Wearing a different type of fabric may help, but there are also a variety of anti-chafing balms available basically everywhere (drug store, running store, Target, etc) that you can apply to the area prior to competing that can help protect your skin. Is it the last minute and you have to go now? Vaseline can help in a pinch.

*If you are prone to acne & breakouts, wash your face as soon as you can after your game or competition. This will help prevent acne by cleaning out your pores before all of that sweat and bacteria gets trapped inside.


For some more information on athletes & skin care, see our previous blog post (Athletes & Skin Care

I’m watching a game on TV 

You’re good. Game on.

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