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In recent years, Coenzyme Q10 (usually referred to as CoQ10), aka ubiquinone, has become a popular ingredient not only in skin care, but also in a variety of areas in health, such as heart conditions and cancer.

What is it?

CoQ10 is substance naturally found in every cell of your body that keeps your cells functioning properly by providing the cells with the energy that they need to grow & survive.  It also has an antioxidant function that protects the cells from free radical damage. It is available as an oral supplement, but is also a popular ingredient in skin care products.

What does it do?

As mentioned above, CoQ10 grows & maintains your cells as well as protecting them from environmental toxins. While it is always present in every cell, the quantity of this enzyme decreases with age. This amounts to less protection & maintenance for your cells. CoQ10 (in oral or topical form) may help reduce the breakdown of collagen & elastin, prevent photoaging (skin aging due to sun exposure) and boost the protective antioxidant power.

It works best for:

*Aging skin – the enzyme nature of CoQ10 can help improve cell function and its antioxidant power can help protect skin

*General skin care—like with polyphenols, applying a product with CoQ10 under your sunscreen can boost your skin’s protection

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