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Some of us are happy to remain indoors. It is just too hot outside, and in some places, too humid. If you’re staying primarily indoors, you can pretty much keep your skin care regimen the same as usual, just please note:

*If you are “staying indoors” but will be driving from your house to the mall (or wherever), please still apply some sunscreen. About 60% of UV rays can get through a car’s side windows. Chances are you will not burn, but it is enough to start accumulating skin damage (leading to premature skin aging and possible skin cancer). Also, who knows if you may run into a friend of yours outside Starbucks and chat for 15 minutes, your skin is unprotected if you aren’t wearing any sunscreen at all. If you are staying primarily indoors, however, you most likely will not need to reapply.

*Using the air-conditioning (a quick thank you Willis Carrier for inventing the first modern electrical a/c unit) can dry out your skin, so just remember to moisturize when you get out of the shower and then as needed.


Otherwise, for you indoors folks, keep calm & carry on! 

Thank you for joining us this July for our series on summer skin care topics! We hope you will join us for our series on Kids' Skin Care next month!

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