Moisturizer is sometimes forgotten as we talk about summer skin care, but it is an important part of keeping your skin healthy & happy because it…

Keeps Skin Hydrated

We typically sweat more in the summer because we spend more time outside & it’s also warmer outside, so sometimes we shy away from moisturizer out of fear of oily or greasy skin. Interestingly, this plan often backfires because if the skin thinks it is dry, it will produce more oil. Then you have excess oil & potentially sweat getting stuck in your pores. What can you do?

      *Try an oil-free or matte moisturizer. Apply right after washing your face.

      *Use a moisturizing sunscreen so that you get hydration AND sun protection in 1 step


Keeps Natural Barrier Intact

Related to the above point, lotion helps the skin to maintain its protective barrier. One of the skin’s main functions is to prevent foreign substances from irritating or entering the skin, and hydration is key to this aspect. Dry skin’s barrier may not be as strong or effective leading to skin irritations.

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