Our blog series this month is entitled “What Services Do You Offer?” We have longtime and new patients who do not know what we offer, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to treatments and procedures that we have here at Beverly Dermatology & Laser Center.


Vanquish Fat Reduction is our newest procedure. This non-surgical body contouring treatment uses radio frequency (RF) technology to pass through the skin to target fat cells and cause apoptosis (cell destruction) of these cells. The destroyed fat cells are permanently removed by the body through natural excretion methods. The end result? A slimmer you! Many patients have lost several centimeters off of their abdominal area and thighs.

This innovative procedure does not require any anesthesia, injections, or downtime. The Vanquish machine hovers 1-2 centimeters away from skin and the RF waves emit a slight heat that may make skin feel warm. Most patients have described this heat as “walking in front of a hot oven” or “a warm breeze.”

Four treatments are necessary to see results, and some patients may need up to 6 treatments for the best results in the target area. At Beverly Dermatology, we offer Vanquish treatments as an introductory package of 4. Additional treatments may be added at a discounted rate.

For more information on Vanquish at Beverly Dermatology, please visit: http://beverlyskin.com/services/vanquish/vanquish-fat-removal 

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Vanquish Fat Removal

We are now offering Vanquish Permanent Fat Removal! Vanquish is a pain-free, safe & effective way to melt away stubborn areas of fat in the abdominals area (upper & lower), thighs, and lower back.

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