Happy Summer! The temperature is warming up; June gloom is starting to go away (hopefully, anyways); we’re all ready to have some fun in the sun, complete with beach, Disneyland and/or BBQ. At the Farmer’s Market, we are also seeing more of certain fruits & veggies that just came into season. Yes, we’re in SoCal so we can get pretty much any fruit all year, but the summer-season fruits just take taste so much better when they are truly in-season! Many of the local produce that you can find fresh these days also have benefits for your skin, so make sure to include them in your 4th of July picnic & other summer activities! 

Plums, Apricots, Pluots & Peaches

For me, these fruits just scream “SUMMER!” They are delicious in every way- in salads, fruit tarts, and just as-is. What are the benefits for your skin? Well, these juicy fruits contain

*Vitamin A: powerful antioxidant that helps protect against sun & other skin damage

*Vitamin C: helps to boost collagen (which is responsible for skin elasticity)

Blackberries, Blueberries

These berries also have vitamin A & C to help protect your skin from free radicals & boost your collagen levels.


In addition to having antioxidants like many other summer fruits, studies indicate that cherries can help regulate your sleep cycles, improving your “beauty sleep.” A good night’s sleep really can help your skin in many ways (and your overall health too!)


Containing more than 90% water, these veggies are great for keeping hydrated & make you feel refreshed. Because of this (the high water content & cooling aspect), they can help reduce swelling or calm your skin when irritated (if you place the cucumber on the irritated/swollen part of your skin.  The cucumber has vitamins A & C too, but it also has 2 more tricks up its green sleeve:

*Vitamin K: may help reduce darkness under your eyes because (a) it improves the function of blood-clotting proteins (interruption of blood flow is one of the causes of the dark circles) and (b) supports the protein in the body that promoted cell growth

* Silica: a building block of collagen, silica may also help keep your skin looking young

While eating the cucumber (with skin, preferably) is the best way to get all the nutrients, making cucumber water is also a popular way of using cucumber, because it adds flavor to the water (making it more of a special drink) and helps you to get some of these vitamin benefits as well.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are full of Vitamin C, and also have some Vitamin K and Folic Acid (especially good for pregnant women). But these brightly-colored veggies also contain lots of carotenoids, which can:

* protects your skin from damage  (antioxidant)

*support your immune system (which can help protect against infections)

*boost your complexion/skin tone


The above is just a sampling of all of the great summer fruits & vegetables that are in season. East some of everything for your overall health & for your skin too! As they say, when you are planning your meals, try to “eat the rainbow” (not Skittles, though)

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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