Since its “Back-to-School” season, our August blog series will focus on skincare topics that concern children’s (including teens & “grown-up” children) skin care. To start us off, we would like to highlight why parents should be getting their kids involved & interested in their own skin care.

Often times, we develop a “Because I said so” approach to taking care of our children’s skin.  It’s tough; they don’t want to stop their fun to put on sunscreen or wash their face. They may not like the way a product feels or smells and may become especially resistant to it. More and more, skin care companies are trying to help parents with this by creating “fun” products that come in different colors and scents that may appeal more to kids. Regardless, it’s important to start teaching our kids the importance of taking care of their skin. Why?

*The skin remembers. When we are young, our skin cells turn over quickly so a bad sunburn may heal over quickly seemingly without a trace, but how we treat our skin over a lifetime can come back to haunt us (or congratulate us) later on in life. Kids (even our “grown-up” kids, sometimes) are unlikely to think about how the way they treat their skin now may affect their skin (& their lives) 1 week or 20+ years from now. Common “remembrances” of the skin are sun damage (leading to skin cancer or premature skin aging), picking habits (hyperpigmentation or lasting scars) and not moisturizing (damaged skin barrier).

*Involvement can drive interest. There’s a reason why science museums are interactive and why those kids on MasterChef Jr owe their love of cooking to helping out with their parents in the kitchen –being involved with something makes kids more interested in it. Even adults tend to be this way. If you have stock in a given company, do you not pay more notice to how that company is doing & any mentions of it in the news? Encourage your kids to care about their skin care. Maybe this means letting them help choose a product or having them apply their own lotion while you are applying yours (which makes them feel grown-up, which kids always seem to strive for!).

*Lessons learned early can lead to lifelong habits. We do typically keep up the habits we learned from our parents. Those actions and words of wisdom tend to stay with us forever. I’m sure I’m not the only one who, when thinking about forgoing a healthcare habit remembers the words of my parents telling my why it’s important to do XYZ. It does usually stop me in my tracks and convince me to take the few minutes to apply sunscreen or choose the side of veggies.


A few months ago, NIVEA, a globally known German skin care brand, made a video in which it gave children in Brazil UV-sensitive dolls that turn red unless sunscreen is applied. It is a very interesting video showing that getting kids involved is a great way to teach kids to care about their skin.

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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