After talking about protecting your hair & your scalp, let’s talk about getting rid of hair that you don’t want! Maybe you’re tired of shaving or perhaps you are prone to painful ingrown hairs and you are ready to be done for good with certain hairs or areas of hair. Laser Hair Removal is a more permanent option for these unwanted hairs.

To get started, below is an informational video about how Laser Hair Removal works, highlighting the machine that we use here at Beverly Dermatology, the LightSheer® Duet™:

More About Laser Hair Removal

*Laser hair removal can be used on various areas of the body, including the underarm, chin, face, neck, bikini area, legs, chest and back.

*The laser works most effectively on people with light or medium skin and dark hair, but it may also be used safely on other skin tones and types.

*Multiple treatments are necessary because the laser works best on hairs in their anagen (active growth) stage and not all hairs are in the same stage of growth at the same time. Each session offers 10-25% reduction in hair growth, on average. Depending on skin type, it may take as few as 2-3 treatments to see final results, but the average patient has 6-8 total treatments.

*Treatment is usually painless, but topical anesthetic may be used on individuals with very sensitive skin.


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