Weather & temperature takes its toll on us --- and our hair! How can you keep your hair healthy all year long?

Sunny Days

As we touched on this Tuesday, UV rays can damage hair as well as skin. The rays have a bleach-like effect on hair, lightening & fading the hair’s melanin (color) and harming the hair’s cuticle and keratin. Sun damaged hair may be dry, brittle, dull-looking or frizzy and may have more split ends. To protect your hair, you can:

*Use a conditioner or styling product with SPF built-in

*Wear a hat, scarf or swimmer’s cap

*Stay in the shade

Sunny day at the pool? Use a conditioner designed to protect hair from chlorine. Another option is to wet your hair prior to getting in the water. Hair acts kind of like a sponge, so if it is already saturated with water, it will absorb less chlorinated water. Afterwards, a swimmer’s shampoo can help rid hair of any chlorine & residues. 


Cold or Windy Days

On cold or windy days (& seasons), moisture is key. Cool air and wind can strip hair of its moisture, leaving it dry & brittle. To prevent this:

*Use conditioner daily, both in the shower and as leave-in conditioners (unless otherwise directed on the bottle)

*Use a deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment once per week


Humid Days

Humidity keeps hair moisturized, but it can affect hair, primarily because of the way we tend to treat hair when it’s humid rather than the humidity in and of itself.

*Use frizz-reducing hair products. When it’s humid and hair becomes curly & frizzy, people tend to start over-using heat stylers (blow dryers, straighteners, etc) which damage hair. Using frizz-reducing serums & conditioners can prevent this need.

*Comb hair instead of brushing it. Hair is weaker when it is wet, so too much brushing can cause hair to break off. Gently comb hair to protect it from breakage. 

BLOG DISCLAIMER: Information on this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any skin ailment. Please make an appointment with your physician for personalized medical advice. 


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